A big congratulations to all of you for conquering the Stadium Challenge!  This may be the most challenging 5K some of you have ever done.  You should be very proud of yourself.

The results are organized by overall, age groups, and gender for the 5K and 2.5K.

The team scores are calculated by the fastest 10 people on your team.  For every additional person on your team who finished the 5K, your team received a bonus deduction of 1 minute.

You will also see the results for your ALL OUT Sprint!

Congratulations to the top 3 males and females in the 5K:

  1. Paul Ambrose – 37:59  (Team Hawaii Nutre)
  2. Julian Wheating – 39:29  (Team OTF Boulder 1)
  3. Brian Peters – 40:49  (Team OTF Uptown)


  1. Kayla Cartright – 40:57 (Team OTF Washpark)
  2. Alixa Winn – 44:10 (Team OTF Southlands)
  3. Lyndsay Williams – 42:02 (Team OTF Centennial)

Congratulations to our ALL OUT CHAMPION male and female:

Dustin Fishman – 10.8 seconds (Team Nuun)

Jennifer Van Der Sloot – 13.5 seconds (Team Nuun) 

Dustin and Jennifer are husband and wife.  Now that is a speedy couple!!!

Congratulations to Team OTF Boulder 1 – you are the team winner!!