What is the cost to register?

Early bird registration is $45

On September 17th 2018, registration is $50

Race day registration is $55

Orangetheory Fitness Members receive a $10 discount

CU Students receive a $10 discount.  (Only 1 discount may be applied)

What is included in Registration?
Everyone gets individual timing results, loop splits, the 100 Yard ALL OUT SPRINT time, a special edition NIKE performance tee, and an Orangetheory Fitness shopping bag filled with treats and awesome SWAG.
What is the difference between registering as a team or as an individual?
As an individual, you can chose the 5K or 2.5K option.  If you join a team, there is a minimum of 10 people per team and you will complete the 5K course.  On a team – you’ll receive individual and team timing results.
How does the team event work?
Team members will all start in the same wave.  Team winners will be determined by the cumulative time of  the fastest 10 people on your team.  For every person that finishes the event on your team, above and beyond the fastest 10 people, your team score will be reduced by 1 minute!  Every teammate makes a difference.  There are a minimum of 10 people per team and a maximum of 30 people.
Can I join a team after I have registered as an individual?
No problem – simply send us an email and we’ll add you to a team of your choice.
How many stairs are on the race course?
The 5K course has 5310 stairs!
How many feet above sea level is the race at?
The highest point is 5475 Feet!
What is "The 100 Yard ALL OUT Sprint"?
As part of the course you’ll have the chance to run a 100 yard sprint down the football field – as fast as you can. Feel free to go at a pace that is comfortable for you, you certainly do not have to sprint if you would prefer not. This section of the course will be timed separately.  There will be prizes for leaders in this section.
What is the difference between the 5k course and the 2.5K COURSE?
Choose a 5K distance or a 2.5K option. The 5K course will include 5310 stairs.  The 2.5K option will be 2750 stairs.  There is something for everyone!
Does Folsom Field have a clear bag policy?
Yes, CU Stadium has a clear bag policy!

In 2018, the CU’s Clear Bag Policy will be strictly enforced at Folsom Field. They allow you to bring in one clear bag no larger than 12 inches x 6 inches x 6 inches, or a one-gallon resealable clear plastic bag, into the stadium. Bags that are no longer allowed into Folsom Field include backpacks, camelbacks, large purses, oversized tote bags, camera bags and binocular cases, diaper bags, fanny packs and printed plastic bags.

We’re celebrating in CU’s house, so we follow their house rules. Clear bags are becoming the norm at athletic venues across the nation. They aid in increasing participant safety and decreasing the waiting time to enter stadiums. For more information on the CU Clear Bag Policy, click here.

Is there parking and transportation?
There are lots of ways to get around:

  • Get on the bus: Whether you live in Boulder, Denver, Longmont, or anywhere in between you can catch an RTD bus to the race.
  • Turn your run into a brick, with a bike ride: Both the start and finish areas are close to the Boulder Creek Path. Once you get to Twenty Ninth Street there are many available bike racks.
  • Parking: Paid Parking near the Stadium is available on the CU campus south of Colorado Ave. and Regent Dr. Pre-paid parking is also available.
Where is packet pick-up?

You will have 4 spots for packet pick-up.  Regardless of the team you have joined or where you live – you can visit any of the packet pick-up locations.  You are welcome to pick-up a packet for someone else.


1.  Wednesday – Oct 10: 12pm – 6pm
Orangetheory Fitness Fort Collins Drake Rd

2261 East Drake Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80526


2.  Thursday – Oct 11: 12pm – 6pm
Orangetheory Fitness Cherry Hills
5010 E Hampden Ave, Denver, CO 80222
3.  Friday – Oct 12: 12pm – 7pm
Orangetheory Fitness Boulder
1850 29th Street, Suite 1008, Boulder, CO 80301
4.  Saturday – Oct 13: 6am – 7:30am RACE DAY!
Folsom Field
2400 Colorado Ave, Boulder, CO 80302
What is a Wave Start?
Instead of one big start with everyone taking off at once, we divide everyone into different start times.  The waves will be spaced about 15 seconds apart.  The waves will be organized by people who are doing 5K or 2.5K.  If you are racing as a team – you will start in the same wave as your teammates.  There are 10 people per wave.
How do I pick what wave to start in?
When you register you just pick which type of wave you think you belong in. You can even tell us what your average 5K pace is.  You’ll automatically be put in a wave that is right for you. Unless you are part of team.  All team members will start together!
Can I start with friends or my team?
If you register as a team, you will all start together in the same wave or subsequent waves if your team is bigger than 10.

If you are not on a team, to be in the same start wave as someone else be sure to enter the names of the people you wish to start with upon registration. Everyone in your group will be placed in the slowest person’s wave.  We will do our very best to keep you with your buddies!

Can I change waves after I have registered?
No problem – please send us an email and we’ll do our best to put you in the wave of your choice.  info@stadium-challenge.com